Recording Available: Top 5 Pandemic-Era Business Tactics for Indiana Precision Machining Companies

    If you missed this week's webinar, the recording is now available for viewing.  All INTMA members should take the time to watch and learn how you can take advantage of the Social Security payroll tax deferral and other aspects of the CARES Act that can save your business money and time.  Members who attended said this one is a must-watch for all Indiana machining and manufacturing company owners.

    The INTMA is making the recording available to all.  Click here to view.




    2020 NTMA Wage Survey Now Open

    Insight into wage and benefit practices for shop floor precision machining positions

    The NTMA wage survey allows you to make truly informed business decisions by giving you reliable benchmarks based on the precision machining industry, company size, and closest competitors for talent. The survey allows you to understand and manage the market for talent rather than being dictated to by the market.

    Scrambling for wage and benefit data every time you hire a new employee won’t help your business scale. The sooner your HR team is allowed to invest in a reliable compensation survey, the sooner it can create the people programs and strategies truly needed to drive growth.

    Save time by getting all of your data in one place

    While there’s a growing volume of free compensation data out there on the internet, hopping from website to website to cobble together pay packages isn’t a recipe for long-term success. It’s a time-consuming process and the use of inconsistent and fragmented data sources can create real risks for your business, including weak internal pay equity and a propensity to burn through cash and equity resources faster than expected. Using a strong, industry-focused wage survey as the foundation for your pay decisions will allow you to make fairer decisions and manage resources more wisely. You’ll also save lots of time by having all of the data you need, including high, low and average wages for 34 shop floor job titles.

    Pay people the right way; know the latest practices and trends

    Let’s say your company is about to hire a new machinist, but they are asking for a lot more money than machinists currently on your team. You could pay your new hire exactly what they want and try to keep things quiet but hoping for secrecy doesn’t really work well in today’s millennial-dominated workforce. The right course of action is to have a well-defined wage structure in place to guide how job offers are made. However, getting there requires great market data. A good wage & fringe survey serves as the source of truth your HR representatives need to make and communicate pay decisions with transparency while also staying consistent and up to date.

    The 2020 NTMA Wage & Fringe Benefit Study is now open. Participate today and understand how your company's compensation levels and benefits practices compare to other precision machining manufacturers.

    Confidentiality: Only the Mackay Research Group staff will have access to your Wage & Fringe Benefit information. Every precaution has been taken to protect the complete confidentiality of all information. The NTMA staff will never have access to your information.

    Participate in the NTMA Wage & Fringe Benefit Survey before November 1.  

    Click here for a copy of the survey.


    NTMA manufacturers who submit their data to the 2020 study will receive the full Wage & Fringe Benefit Report at no cost.

    Questions? Contact Taylor Mackay — [email protected]