Important Crime Alert


    To all INTMA Members:

    Major Tool & Machine experienced an attempted toolcrib burglary on May 1.  It is believed that this attempt may be part of a long-standing crime ring reaching throughout Indianapolis and beyond.  The perpetrators pose as legitimate contractors coming to pick up tools for regrind, and/or scrap and other recycling materials.  Using industry jargon, they are able to talk themselves into businesses and even convince employees to help load materials into their truck to steal.

    One of the two suspects in this incident appears to be in his mid-20s and the other in his 50s.  They spoke English, with a possibly Chicago-style accent, as well as another unidentified language.  Their truck is believed to be a Ford F-350 with a full sunroof.  The photos below were taken from Major Tool's video surveillance.

    We wanted you to be aware of this situation so that you might share with your employees and prevent similar burglary attempts at your businesses.  Please contact the Indianapolis Police Department if you have any information related to this incident or other similar incidents.