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    Jan 31

    INTMA Member Event – Pacers Game

    Indiana Pacers vs. Memphis Grizzlies


    Feb 17

    Machinist Competition

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    Welcome to INTMA's Website

    Founded in 1990, the Indiana Tooling and Machining Association (INTMA) is a precision manufacturing trade association for members who share similar interests and goals. The chapter is comprised of over 28 regular, associate, and educational members located throughout Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Our mission is to help Indiana manufacturers achieve business success through advocacy, education, networking, information, programs and services.

    Today, our industry supplies the necessary precision tooling and machining for industries such as aerospace, defense, automotive, medical, appliance, nuclear, national laboratories, environmental, transportation, and much more

    INTMA Scholarship

    The INTMA Scholarship is an annual tuition scholarship created by the INTMA to promote the tooling and machining industry and assist students desiring to advance their education and pursue a career in tooling and machining.

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    One of the key benefits of an INTMA membership is the opportunity to network...



    Small company flexibility, large company treatment. A funny thing happens when a company joins...


    NTMA-U is an innovative new program of online education that bridges the gap between...